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Makati City's first transit-oriented development provides a hub that merges the city’s mass transport modes into a single, unified system

13053 - One Ayala - Ayala Ave Corner Eas

One Ayala

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BRT and City Bus Station. At the heart of One Ayala is an intermodal transport hub that unifies Makati City’s mass transportation modes into a single system. 

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Elevated Walkways. A network of walkways connects One Ayala to the Glorietta Malls on the northwest, SM Makati on the southwest, and the Ayala-McKinley Terminal across EDSA.

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Bicycle Stations. With bike racks within the development, cyclists will no longer contend with leftover spaces on the street to park their bikes. 

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Nominated in the World Architecture Festival 2017, One Ayala, named after its address at No. 1 Ayala Avenue corner EDSA, is a 390,000-sqm transit-oriented, mixed-use development, the gateway to the Philippines’ financial capital. An intermodal transport hub integrates the MRT Ayala Station with other major mass transportation modes entering the city like buses, AUVs, and the future BRT. It anchors the project’s components: Ayala’s flagship 600-room Seda Hotel, serviced condominiums, two premium office towers, and a multi-level retail podium. 

The project provides a better travel experience for the public. With the help of various stakeholders including the government and traffic officials, we created a one-stop system that makes it convenient for people to move around inside a cool climate-controlled environment with boutique shops and restaurants.

An expansive atrium and a network of wide, covered, and well-lit pedestrian highways, open 24 hours, connect to the Glorietta malls on the northwest, the SM Makati mall on the southwest, and the Ayala-McKinley Transport Terminal across EDSA.

13053 - One Ayala - Ayala Ave Corner Eas

01. The site is located at the corner of EDSA and Ayala Ave.


02. It is connected to an existing MRT station along EDSA.


03. The site is adjacent to a pocket landscaped garden.


04. We designed a centralized PUV terminal at the basement.


05. The terminal is served by a lounge area for commuters waiting for their ride.


06. At the ground level is a BRT terminal with wide bays for regular city buses.


07. Above the bus terminal are three levels of shops and restaurants.


08. People can buy their tickets and wait comfortably inside the expansive concourse atrium.


09. A wide, covered, and well-lit elevated walkway connects to the neighboring malls.


10. Above the retail podium are a 600-bed hotel and serviced apartments.


 11. Two premium office towers also form part of the development.


12. One Ayala is Makati City's first transit-oriented development.

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